Have you ever heard of Freekeh?  One of my clients discovered this wheat grain, and it is a powerhouse of protein and fiber!  Just one half cup (cooked) of this rice-like green wheat supplies 140 calories, with 8 gm of protein, and 4 gm of fiber! I am a HUGE believer in getting the most nutrition possible from your daily grains–and this one fits the bill!  Check it out for yourself at these links:  Freekehlicious, and the FoodNetwork.
We made ours plain, and then enjoyed it with dinner (seasoned with rosemary, sea salt, and olive oil), and with breakfast the next day (added cinnamon, Stevia, oats, nuts, craisins, and raisins).20140223_125032

Can you believe this meal (pictured above) is less than 500 calories?  And it is bursting with a flavorful 35 g of protein, and 12 g of fiber!

Another great discovery in the beef section came from one of the butchers at Food Lion, and it is the Beef Chuck Flat Iron Steak.  Not only is this cut of meat tender and delicious, it is lean–SO LEAN–and loaded with protein, vitamins, and minerals!  At 6.99/lb or less, it is less expensive than some other cuts, and can be easily cut into small serving sizes.  Season…marinate…sizzle…consume!  Grills very quickly, and reheats great for leftovers, too.  We enjoyed it for three different meals!

If your butcher hasn’t prepared it well, learn how to trim the fat here:  Trimming the Flat Iron Steak




Seasoning doesn’t have to be complicated. We used onions, fresh pepper, Montreal Steak, and Guy Parker’s sauce (  LIP SMACKIN’


Try pairing it with a sweet root vegetable like carrots, or sweet potatoes…and add salt, pepper, and a drizzle of honey or agave!

20140222_193803 Until we grill again!  -Melissa

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