20140420_153318To win the food battle…planning for portion control is a MUST!  One of the easiest ways, is to utilize containers, ziplocs, muffin tins, and scoops, etc. to make your portion control mindless.  Scoop a ½ cup of cottage cheese into a ½ cup sized container…feel happy as you eat it….  Put that same ½ cup on a large dinner-sized plate…feel sad as you look at it’s lonely self in all of that space.

Keep your containers close to the size of what you’ll be eating…1/4 cup…1/2 cup…1 cup.  These sizes are realistic, and very difficult to self-regulate if you’re eating right out of the bag or bottle.  🙂

Remember the old quip, “Fail to plan…Plan to fail!”



20140417_184342 20140417_201458
20140225_095757 20140307_182345 20140407_124233 20140411_134703 20140412_210018 20140413_183125 20140413_183916 20140413_184825 20131213_212336 20131210_083740 20131212_123214 20131106_080425 20131015_112400 FLAT-OUT RESCUE

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