MEAT…it’s BACK on the menu!

Spend a little time in the kitchen…save a LOT of time in the gym.  For around $74 dollars, I purchased over 140 servings of meat last month, all under 160 calories/serving.  By buying marked down meat, and freezing it until I was ready to use it…I saved a bundle, and had some amazing protein to boot!  Protein that you can chew, people–not just drink!  🙂

We often think of meat as a more expensive option than protein bars or shakes, but that is not typically true.  Plus protein from lean meat has a complete profile, and additional nutrients to boot.  The key is…serving size!  Four oz. of meat, or about the size of the palm of your hand, provides 22-24 gm of muscle building protein!  So measure, and enjoy!

Scroll through my pics for some ideas on how you can make cooking simple, speedy, but satisfying (hint, think crockpot, or bulk cooking).

20140613_122422Pork loin chops can be sooo lean and tasty.  The key—do not overcook!  It cooks up quick and simple in just a few minutes.  Season simple, sizzle, eat!  Don’t forget to add veggies, or fruit!20140604_211050 20140605_200428 20140626_195839
LEAN pulled pork tastes amazing!  Use your crockpot, season with Montreal steak or your favorite rub or even salt free seasoning blend, & add mixed frozen veggies (peppers & onions) for easy flavor!  (I used the lean Pork Shoulder Picnic Roast, from Smithfield’s that was netted together).  Add 16 oz of water to the crockpot for cooking, and then use the juices to make savory grits, quinoa, or brown rice, after the meat is cooked!20140613_12465820140613_191942 20140613_193020 20140613_193633

Eat some now…eat some later.  Make 1/2 cup servings and season/freeze them for quick meals in the future!  This lean pulled pork paired very well with a 1/2 cup of quinoa before freezing.20140613_202501

Beef Chuck Tender Roast is simple and goes far, too!  Again, use your savory juices wisely, and package your leftovers with veggies!  Some of the leanest cuts of beef contain the words ROUND or LOIN.20140603_21323320140604_20525220140604_204955
20140604_210110 Lean burgers don’t have to be boring…juice them up with egg white, and minced veggies like peppers & onions.20140627_185516(0) Use the high fiber, low cal Sandwich Thins to keep it light, and mash 1/4 of an avocado for a healthy mayo substitute!  Try some goat cheese or skim mozzarella for a new and lighter twist as well.20140627_19240420140627_192832Chicken breast cooked simply or pan seared first….keep it simple.20140630_203534 20140621_195434in the oven, or on the stovetop…20140630_204256This is an example of Shawn’s stuffed goat cheese & herb chicken breast, compared to my simple season & bake style.  🙂  Both taste great…but his WAS especially amazing!  lol
20140621_20294720140621_210241Chicken breast keeps well in the fridge or freezer.  Pair it with beans and tomatoes, broth, barley, and seasonings for an amazing soup–don’t forget the onions & cayenne!20140702_14044920140702_141931Beef milanesa is thin, lean, and cooks in a flash!  Try your own Mexican dishes with this beef, or wrap over scallions, marinade in Worcestershire, garlic, & honey, and enjoy…only in Chef Shawn’s world!  🙂20140615_195413This is how I cooked mine…simple skillet, add seasonings and spinach.20140616_194622This is how Chef Shawn made his…architects, they’re so incorrigible! 20140615_20390820140615_212350My point is…meat is a wonderful option for easy variety or complex recipes.  It pairs well with veggies, and is one of the simplest protein/carb meals to reheat/eat.  Spend a little time in the kitchen making servings ahead, and save yourself  a LOT of time in the gym by not eating out all of the time!

Enjoy!  -Melissa

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