Some young people respond best to one on one training…especially an only child.  They grow up with adult-centered, individualized interactions, and often learn and train best that way too.  Here are some kind words from the parents of one of my young girls I had the opportunity to train one on one.

“Thank you for your very positive influence with (our daughter).  She had a rough day at school, and when I picked her up tonight, she had a great frame of mind!  Many thanks!  Every time she comes home after seeing you she is always fired up. I like the little steps at a time approach…You are awesome.  Thank you…

By the way, (our daughter) did such a great job on the machine yesterday after our meeting.  It is the new normal!  Thanks for all that you’re doing! 

Great touching base with you this evening and thanks for all you are doing with my (daughter).  She thinks that you are the bomb..  Thanks also for keeping me in the loop with your helpful emails.   I feel great with the new food regimen and swimming…You have been a great inspiration to (our daughter) and she is in a better spot because of your direction.  …Again thanks for keeping us motivated and focused.”

Find what works for your child, and help them get motivated!

Warm Regards,



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