“A goal without a plan, is just a wish.” -A. Saint-Exupery


Sometimes we know what we want…but do we really “want” it, or are we just “wishing” for it?  Wanting it, will help us plan, and DO what has to be done to achieve it. Wishing will just leave us envying the other guy, and feeling sorry for ourselves…holding onto our excuses with veracity.  Wanting versus Wishing sound familiar?  The next time you get discouraged about your level of fitness, take a moment for a true evaluation of last week…maybe you were just wishing…

*How was your spiritual life?  Did you take time each day to focus, pray, collect your thoughts?

*How was your water intake daily?  Did you drink 100 ounces?

*How was your sleep each night?  Did you get 7-8 hours?

*How was your active movement?  Did you get in your 360 minutes of motion, including at least 2 sessions of strength training, and 1 session of stretching/foam rolling?

*How was your diet?  Did you eat lean proteins, fresh produce, healthy fats, and whole grains at most meals?  How close to 5-10 servings of produce daily did you get? Speaking of produce…did you exceed 25 gm of fiber daily?

These are the simple components of GO-180 Fitness.  Simple, but difficult.  Without making a plan, you will not achieve what you want.  It will remain a wish.

Take a minute to browse this visual from Precision Nutrition on THE COST OF GETTING LEAN

Make YOUR turn (plan) today!


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