We all know it…until we are really READY to make a change…we just aren’t going to really change.  Read this guy’s feedback from his six weeks of GO-EAT! nutrition training and get ready to change!


“I know it is a broken record but I really do appreciate all your input and efforts.    I am going to win this or die trying…Thanks for the encouragement.  I have decided that the wine has to go until I can loose the weight.  I am really eating well, thanks to your great suggestions!

Have not entered food consumption on Spark People for the last 3 days but have eaten the exact same thing that you are very familiar with…. However, have started eating blueberries and strawberries all the time. Also, finally have started swimming again and have busted through the painful beginner swims and I feel that “I am BACK!” swimming daily again.  I am definitely going to continue with Spark People and all the great stuff you have taught. Cannot begin to tell you how important the timing with your instruction has been for me. I was on a very dangerous ledge with my cardio health and weight. I feel so lucky that I have been blessed with your guidance.”

Get focused.  Get educated.  Eat with a plan.

🙂 Melissa

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