Good Words to Motivate

Be motivated to make YOUR turn today!  Kind words from one of my clients:

“It’s gorgeous cool morning and my bike ride was amazing. I don’t post the miles I ride as bragging, but in hopes that it might be encouraging to someone else to get out and exercise.

I have been procrastinating for awhile now and 2 weeks ago I decided to get back into the swing of things. I have learned that you start small and don’t overwhelm yourself. I have also learned that those small things lead to bigger things. Little changes can make big changes in your body. I am amazed at the change I see in these 2 weeks. I don’t get on the scales, they are my enemy. If I don’t see changes on them the way I think it should be I get discouraged. I look for changes in the mirror, in my clothes, in how I feel. I feel stronger, I stand up taller. ( I have at least a 4 pack under this 6 inches of fat I know! ) LOL.

10156039_10151983191706035_6962836292955937654_nI am not obsessing about my weight, yes I want to lose, but I am trying to concentrate more on getting healthier and stronger. I have been working with an amazing trainer for almost 2 years now. Even when I was only working out with her one day a week and not reinforcing it at home, I saw changes. She has taught me not be beat myself up, to just begin again. It does eventually stick. She has pushed me and my body to do things I never thought possible. I have days when I just don’t think I can do much, she changes her plans at the drop of a hat and makes the workout adaptable to the way my body feels. I have also gained an amazing friend. She is supportive and encouraging. Everything happens for a reason. I met Melissa Hos when the water heater at work went out and we had to “borrow” hot water from the gym. It was a blessing in disguise for me.

I am also blessed to work with very encouraging and inspirational people. They have made life changes to get healthier and take care of their bodies. It helps to stay on track to see them devoted and the will power it takes to stay focused and on track.

Thank you Go-180 Fitness, PLLC for encouraging me to be a better me. I hope this can encourage someone to start today to make changes to be a healthier you. Remember, keep it small and simple at first. 10 minutes a day of movement, cut out one unhealthy thing from your diet. Eat fresh food, stay away from the “easy” stuff. Roast veggies! They are amazing!

Have a blessed day! Take a walk on this amazingly beautiful day!”

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