A simple can of lentil soup pairs well with frozen mixed veggies to extend your soup AND boost it’s nutrition profile.  Just heat the frozen veggies first, and then add the soup…bring all to piping hot before serving!

A whole wheat grilled cheese sandwich can taste like a bistro signature dish by adding a little extra flavorful cheese (like Manchego, Blue, or Feta), along with Skim Mozzarella or Swiss.  Try coconut oil on the outside of the bread instead of butter for another flavor twist.  Make it even more unique with thinly sliced avocado, pear, and mayo or mustard.  Remember, the thicker the sandwich, the slower/lower heat you need to cook it with.

Just add the extra pear slices and avocado to your plate for a nutritious, delicious…and easy meal with a twist!

-Melissa 🙂


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