Some of these, are the wonderful gals that motivate ME to work hard!! 🙂  -melissa


Thank you so much for all you have done for me the past few years.  You helped me see what it truly means to live a healthy lifestyle!


I am so thankful for you…for you lighting a fire under me and for your friendship.


She will miss you. ..Thanks for being such a positive influence for her (our daughter).


I can’t believe what a difference just two sessions a week makes.  I find myself doing some of the stretches I’ve learned here throughout the week.  My lab work is so improved–my doctor said, “Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.”


I have loved training with you–you’re good at what you do, and make it enjoyable…as it can be.  🙂  I have to move to another state…and just hate to leave this.


When it comes to variety in training, if you were a spice…you’d be red hot cajun’!


The only reason I’m here, is because of you.  Thank you for not giving up on me.



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