7 Things to Do Every Sunday to Guarantee a Week of Weight Loss

Some of these tips from southbeachdiet.com are my mantras…and you may have heard me throw them at you in the gym.  Take a minute to read this article and get inspired for tomorrow!

“A little mental and physical preparation can make all the difference when it comes to staying on track with your health and fitness goals. To make sure you have a good week that’s free from stress-eating and skipped workouts, you can do yourself a major favor by getting ready ahead of time with some simple Sunday staple activities.

Get ready to make the meanest, South-Beach-Diet-approved meals and kick butt in your workout routine. Rather than waste a Sunday dreading Monday, make your Monday the start of a fabulous week where you’ll succeed by having everything you need to meet your weight loss goals ready.

Here’s your Sunday to-do list if you want to lose weight all week:

1. Batch cook eggs, grains and lean proteins

Save the excuses and prepare all your healthy ingredients a week ahead and you’ll never let yourself turn to fast food because “you had no time to make anything.” Meal prepping is here to stay because for the busy on-the-go types, you need to be able to create healthy meals in a pinch and take them with you as needed. Whip up a big batch of hard-boiled eggs for a healthy snack that will carry you through the entire week. Batch cook chicken breasts and grains so you’re covered with options for practice, DIY meals.

2. Pre-chop and portion out veggies and nuts

Another stop on the meal prep train is to ready your veggies and protein-packed snacks to keep you full and energized all day long. Stock up on Ziploc baggies to portion out your favorite vegetables and nuts for a week’s worth of healthy sides. Chop up some red bell peppers, celery, carrots, Swiss chard and more to be able to eat them alone or in some great salads mixed with your prepped proteins. Throw a handful of almonds, cashews, peanuts or any nut you’re nuts about into several different baggies, which can be tossed into your bag to keep you full and focused between meals.

3. Wash all your gym clothes so you’re ready to go

Sunday is basically made for laundry. Grab all your sports bras, socks, workout shorts and anything else you need to break a sweat and throw them in the wash to ensure they’re smelling fresh and feeling clean for a week of mean workouts. Make sure to dry and fold them and leave them ready in an easily visible spot where you can simply grab them and go when it’s time to get your heart rate up. This will save you from making any excuse for skipping the gym and make getting there faster.

(And pack your bag now, so it’s ready for Monday morning!)

4. Add one new song to your playlist for extra motivation

Hit up Spotify or Pandora for a great workout playlist and find a new song that really pumps you up. Music can make working out more fun and if you find a song you know gets your heart racing, you’ll be more excited about hitting the gym to hear your new playlist in action. The right music can really motivate you to meet your goals and work toward a more active lifestyle.

5. Set and schedule exercise and eating times on a visible calendar

It’s been proven that when we write down our goals we are more likely to meet them. Whether it’s using the South Beach Diet Tracker App, or your notebook, laptop or fridge whiteboard, tracking your meals and fitness sessions can help you meet long-term and short-term weight loss goals so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Your week will be less stressful if you have a schedule mapped out for  meals and snacks, as well as for working out. You’ll be able to make sure everything fits into your week, including your other chores, activities and free time so you can ensure you don’t overload yourself.

6. Set one new fitness or nutrition goal for the week

To keep seeing weight loss results, you need to continue to challenge yourself. Don’t let yourself off easy by relying on the same old routine each week – which you’ve most likely grown bored of! Start off this Sunday with a new goal for eating right or working out. Whether you want to eat fewer calories per day, cut out sweets or try a new weight-lifting session, a new goal gives you something to work toward. Make yourself proud and make a new goal each week to test the limits of what you can achieve!

7. Go to bed (early)!

If you really want to wake up prepared for the week, getting solid sleep Sunday night can do wonders for your body and mind. Since Monday can often set the tone for the week, it’s a great idea to wake up fully energized and mentally ready to tackle whatever weight loss goals you have and see continued success throughout the weeks. Eight hours of rest will prepare your body for your week of workouts as well as focus your mind so you can keep your eye on healthy eating for a cheat-free week!”

from https://palm.southbeachdiet.com/sunday-prep-weight-loss/

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