Our Pastor at Grace Baptist brought us a great challenge for this year, and one of the things he encouraged us to think about was how we could improve by just 1%.  Have you ever thought about the difference that increasing your daily fitness by just 1% would make?  1% a day would be just under 15 minutes!  Just 15 minutes a day of less media and more movement, adds up to 5,475 more active minutes a year…that’s over 91 hours a year!

Maybe we need to choose to be just 1% more mindful in our food choices…


  • Keep Water Bottles in the car, in the fridge, and at the office.
  • Look up a restaurant’s menu and Write Down Your Order before you ever enter the place, so you can order with a plan.
  • Keep Fruit on the counter… Sweets Out of Sight or out of the house.
  • Keep Healthy Snacks (pre-portioned) at Eye Level in the cupboard.
  • Use Small Plates and bowls.
  • Pack Your Lunch (even if you work from home).
  • Have Veggies & Fruits (cut & ready) at Eye Level in the fridge…Tasty dips and hummus too.
  • Have Frozen Healthy Meals as a backup & Frozen Veggies too.candy curse

Read here on how to ACCEPT the responsibility, and OWN the power.  Think about where you can improve 1% TODAY! See you in the gym (even if it’s only for 15 minutes).


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