TONING our muscles, versus BULKING UP…is either possible?
We all have a different picture in our mind of what “fitness” is, but many of us exercise to either get toned, or else to bulk up.  As women, what many of us really want, is to be more lean, and thus look “toned”.
Ladies, did you know actual “toning” exercises don’t exist? There are exercises to lose fat, and thus reveal the underlying muscle, and there are exercises to build muscle, and thus have stronger muscles (which may or may not be bigger)….but none for “toning”, technically.  Simply lifting light weights does not produce toning, just as simply lifting heavy weights does not produce bulking.  Lifting heavier weights with fewer reps will build your muscular strength, but building muscular strength, and “bulking up” are not the same.
BUT increased muscular strength WILL increase your metabolism and burn fat more quickly though, and lifting challenging weights and fatiguing a muscle, stimulates growth…but this does not necessarily equal a significant increase in size. Muscle tissue is more dense than fat, and will appear tighter/firmer/leaner, but not always bigger. Matter of fact, in order to bulk up, you have to REALLY work out hard, and eat with that bulking goal in mind. A calorie moderate diet and average workout plan will NOT bulk you up. So to get stronger in less time (i.e. more toned), use heavier weights.
We get strong by working our muscles to fatigue, and can get there faster with heavier weights.  Although we tend to workout our vanity areas, in reality, both guys and gals need a workout plan that exercises every major muscle in the body at least 8-12 times, with enough weight that the last 2 repetitions take EFFORT.
Don’t be misled by exercises to “make muscles longer”, either. Muscles cannot “grow longer”…they are a certain length because they’re attached to your bones.  They can get stronger, sometimes bigger, and often more flexible with moves that increase your range of motion…but lengthening is an illusion.
Don’t fear bulking up—challenge your body, trim off the inches…get stronger and get “toned”!
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