Personal Training…Trust but Verify

Some things you can’t make up…like the often poor advice people give each other in the gym while weight lifting.  I was working on the pullup station a few weeks ago, when I heard a gym member go up to a staff trainer and ask for advice.

“I’m new to weight lifting and squatting with the weighted bar.  My knees are hurting when I do squats now…what should I do?”  The trainer asked this guy to show him how he squatted…the patron quickly complied with an air squat…leading with the knees, sinking low, back rounded, and losing tension at the bottom of his squat before standing back up…his form was asking for an injury.

“Well, what you need to do is just lean forward more when you squat…lean your chest forward.”  What?!  Nothing about core tension and setup, leading with your hips back and keeping your knees stable and aligned with the shin/behind the toes, neutral back etc.  And he was paying for that advice!

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In contrast, last week, I was squatting in the rack beside two young guys…obviously friends training together.  Guy A was advising Guy B how to prevent knee pain while squatting.  He showed him how to squat with excellent form, and then recommended he start by using the bench behind him to learn how to lead back with the hips, have the safety of the bench, and work on good depth and form…ALL excellent advice…for FREE.

A trainer can be very beneficial…or very detrimental, so if you’re making that investment, make sure you hire a great one!  It’s not just about being sore or sweaty after your training session, it’s about staying safe, making progress, and being guided but challenged!

What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard in your training?


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2 thoughts on “Personal Training…Trust but Verify

  1. Hi Melissa!! Good info to know. I’ve been working with some trainers at my gym that have been very good and thorough. None of us ever want to do anything that will injure our bodies!!

    1. That is great to hear–you are right. It’s always wise to be in tune with your body, and not let ego lead the way to overdoing it. Keep up the good work!

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