Cut through the hype…focus on the science.  (Not intended for Medical Advice, but for Informational Purposes only).

Not only during flu season, but all year long we want to give our body the best chance at fighting germs and helping us feel great!  Watch Dr. Watts full lecture here from Vision of Unity, or read his highlights below.  Always consult with your physician, as even OTC supplements can be in excess under certain circumstances.

Boost your immune system through the basics of Adequate Rest, Abundant Hydration, Good Nutrition, and Stress Reduction.  Dr. Watts takes it a step further to also include his supplement recommendations to support the body’s innate strengths.

Derived from Dr. Watts lecture:

  • REST
    • Adequate daily rest.  If you don’t have a sleep regimen…get one started!
    • Copious Liquids
    • (I like to think Produce, Protein, and Healthy Fats)
    • Macrophage support:
      • Vitamin D (most important) 10,000 iu/daily
      • Zinc 50-100 mg/daily
    • Neutrophil Support:
      • Avoid sugars and carbs lowering functional activity
      • Vitamin C 3,000 mg/daily
      • Eat Variety of Plants (Flavonoid/Phytonutrients >200 mg/daily)
    • Bone Marrow/WBC support:
      • Vitamin A (10,000-20,000 iu/daily)
      • Vitamin E (800 iu/daily)
      • Vitamin B6 (100,000 mg/daily)

Limited funds?  Focus on Rest, Hydration, and Nutrition…and his top supplement recommendations are Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C (in that order).

Dr. Watts full lecture here.

To your health!  –



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