Give the Gift of Thanks

“Thank you for ALWAYS encouraging me!  You are amazing…as a trainer, a person, and a mom!  Thanks for never giving up on me–even when I’m a total pill to work with…God uses you in more ways than you realize through your work as a trainer, Melissa.  You are a blessing!  I am so grateful…So blessed.”

Has someone inspired you?  Helped you?  Motivated you?  Prompted you to change?  We all have been made better by others, and I encourage you to take a minute to say Thank You to one of those folks in your life.

Why?  Simple.  You will encourage them greatly!  These words from my client came at a time when I needed a boost, and have continued to motivate ME.  Maybe it’s time to pen a word of encouragement to your friend…

purple petaled flower and thank you card
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