…your food that is.

We all need to take a second to slow dooooooowwwwwn, and chew, and savor, and smell and ENJOY our food before we swallow it. This is never more important than when we are eating something we LOVE.

If you love it, you want more of it. If you love it, you enjoy the process of eating it. But remember…as soon as you swallow it…your taste and sensory experience is pretty much over….and if it was something you loved…you’ll need more to make you happy. Make your happy last longer, by eating slower and enjoying it “outside of the body” longer.

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If you take a bite of something rich and decadent and it is not…AWESOME…then LEAVE IT! Move on to what you LOVE, and savor the flavor. This may not be true of broccoli and brussell sprouts (unless you’re Pastor Jay), you may just have to knuckle down to get some nutrition in, but it is the key to moderation when it comes to high density, high calorie treats that could waylay our health plan.

So join us this month in mindfully eating only what you LOVE when it comes to treating yourself. Leave the rest.

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