Fitness is so much more than a number on a scale. Finding our fit selves, is really about finding balance points in our nutrition, sleep/activity, work/social life, strength/flexibility, personal/family time, and spiritual time that we are HAPPY with.

My happy balance points will be different than yours…but if we can identify what we need to FEEL balanced, it will help us FOCUS our daily EFFORTS. To affect our feelings, we need to apply FOCUSED EFFORT to areas of mindfulness, nutrition strategies, saying YES a little and NO a lot, holding to our priorities, disciplines, and taking time to keep our mind growing in areas of work and interests.

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We all have a picture of our “Fit Self” in our minds…but have we faced the reality of what it would cost to obtain that ideal? Perhaps we need to find a middle ground…that can yield better health, stronger physique, enjoyment of life and family, spiritual growth…through better small choices and moderate trade offs? Figure out your minimum requirements and FOCUS your EFFORTS, but look for areas to give wiggle room, too. This will help us FIND FITNESS.


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