The BEAR Minimum

It’s 5:40am. You just woke up. You are supposed to be at work, leading the meeting, at 6:00am….What do you do to go from bedhead to boardroom ready, in 5 minutes?

The BARE Minimum. That’s what. The smallest amount of work necessary to get you where you need to be with the least effort, to cut all possible corners.

What if you applied that to your fitness routine? You know, for the days you “Just can’t…” You KNOW what the bare minimum is for your morning routine…what you CAN cut out. What you CAN’T cut out (you know, like getting dressed). Do you have any idea what you bare minimum is for your fitness?

I love this challenge from Gold Medal Bodies…finding our “Bear” Minimum. And that is our focus at GO-180 Fitness for this next year. It is not a generic format either. It is based on YOU…YOUR BODY…YOUR BARE MINIMUM. Your body has it’s unique functions and dysfunctions that need attended to, for YOU to feel your beary best.

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Get training. Get it personal. Find your Bare Minimum.

-Melissa at

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