Josh Hillis, from gmb.io writes about this in his book Fat Loss Happens on Monday:

People spend way, way too much time trying to find the right diet, when in fact, 90% of the clients I’ve ever had really needed to work on the habits that would have made any of these diets work.

It’s kind of like why the movie The Karate Kid is so terrible. Don’t get me wrong, I love to watch it, but it’s the worst lesson in the world: You can win it all if you find the magic move. This is the way that most people treat diets, ‘If I can just find that one magic diet.’

In reality, it’s a lot more like Rocky–a training montage that details months of working on all of the required skills. He runs, he hits the heavy bag, he spars, he does mitt work, he jumps rope, he hits the speed bag, he spars some more. This is all on top of a lifetime of training. And by the end, he’s got all of the skills required. No magic move, just lots of heart and lots of skills.

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