Bare Minimum Movement

Remember….small changes count…both ways. Take stock of your habits…look for areas of decline in activity…or increases in “deep couch sitting” time. Sam Schipani writes about How to Stop the Pandemic’s Sedentary Lifestyle from Affecting Your Health. (Whole article here).

Here’s the skinny…

  • We were already sedentary…now it’s worse.

  • Short sedentary times accelerate conditions that typically develop over a long period of time…”impaired insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism, increased visceral fat and decreased fat-free mass and cardiovascular fitness in healthy adults”…”hypokinetic diseases…” “..advancing the aging process at a much faster rate…”

  • However…small changes can help offset those impacts…both physical and mental. BRING ACTIVITY BACK! Get outside where you can walk alone, and move without a mask on. Use a space in your own home for intentional movement, or try “new kinds of workouts on YouTube and other online platforms to keep things interesting.”

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