Fitness Is A Journey…and It’s Better Together

I am motivated every week by the ladies I have the privilege to train. We share stories, we share difficulties, we share laughter…but most of all…we keep each other going.

These are the words they have shared that keep ME going…

“I’m forever indebted to you for instilling a passion for fitness in me.”

“I love that I can workout even with an injury…you always figure out a way.”

“I feel better now than when I started our workout today.”

“I’m finally starting to see progress.”

“I had to help my husband out of the chair the other day….and I never could of done it if I hadn’t been training and getting stronger.”

“That seemed short today.”

“You want me to do WHAT??? Ok, I’ll at least try it.”

“That’s my favorite exercise.”

“I hate every minute of exercising…I’m only here because you’re here waiting for me…couldn’t make it through without you.”

“I can tell a difference in my breathing going up stairs now.”

“I don’t know how you come up with all these new exercises…did you just imagine this?”

“I never thought I could do that!”

“You are literally one of the ONLY humans I would get up in the morning to see…”

Thank you to every lady and gal that has come into GO-180 Fitness…YOU keep ME going!


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