Some young people respond best to one on one training…especially an only child.  They grow up with adult-centered, individualized interactions, and often learn and train best that way too.  Here are some kind words from the parents of one of my young girls I had the opportunity to train one on one. “Thank you for your very positive influence with (our daughter).  She had a rough day at school, and when I picked her up tonight, she had a great frame of mind!  Many thanks!  Every time she comes home after seeing you she is always fired up. I like … Continue reading TRAINING IS FOR KIDS TOO!


It never stops making my day, when a client sees changes in her life that help her Make The Turn! “Melissa, Thanks for all the great information you send.  I have learned so much from you that I didn’t even know I needed to know.  I am continuing with sparkpeople, and continue to plan my meals and snacks. Working with you has truly changed the way I think about, plan, purchase, and prepare food. I feel like I have turned a corner in my nutrition. Thanks so much, T” Continue reading GO-EAT! FOR LIFE!


This bundle-of-energy-gal came to me for GO-EAT! nutrition training, about two months ago, and we had a blast learning together.  When I reviewed her first week’s food journal, I thought “Maybe I should go to her for lessons!  She eats really healthy stuff already!” She started out eating well, and made tweaks and changes to make it great!  I am so proud of her focus and dedication to being healthy and nutritionally sound!  Keep up the great work, Va! Here’s what she had to say, “Melissa is a wealth of knowledge. I hesitated going to see her because I exercise … Continue reading GETting MORE FIT with FOOD!

Miss Wilmington 2014

Miss Wilmington Beauty Pageant…ever heard of it?  These two have!  Meet two gals with determination who look good because they WORK HARD at it!  I’ve been blessed to train several gals that have competed in our local pageant, and have always been so impressed with their kind, generous spirits, and their determination to give their best for every workout.  Keep it up, ladies!Hillary, we hope you make Miss NC this year! Casey, maybe we’ll see you as Miss Wilmington next year!   Continue reading Miss Wilmington 2014


She’s gettin’ low…   And gettin’ lower… Back flexibility is so critical for core strength and injury prevention.  Two of my fellow trainers (Lamaine & Jai) use the backbend for their calisthentic flexibility, and I have loved adding it to my own routine and client’s training.  Start working on two things: the wall backbend & the floor bridge.   Follow a simple progression here:  DO A BACKBEND.  I personally recommend using the wall back bend before the bridge because you can start very, very lightly.  Place the right hand, and then the left hand…release the right hand….place the right hand…release … Continue reading HOW LOW CAN YOU GO?


First, a word from Cathy, herself:  “I really cannot emphasize how terrific it was to be able to work with Melissa and to have her train me for my Half Marathon! I really could not have done it without her expert training and guidance! Let’s start with the fact that I am a little older than most people who decide to start running; then add into it some physical limitations that precluded any long runs prior to the race; I am NOT a lover of running AND I decided to jump right into a Half Marathon rather than a nice 5K! … Continue reading FROM COUCH TO…HALF MARATHON?!?


One of my youngest clients not only learned about eating better, but was able to navigate this amid MANY food allergies.  This young lady was able to understand portions, and the importance of fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and water.  Even though it was challenging…she followed her mom’s lead, and sometimes led the way herself.  I’m so proud of her, and hope she continues to make better choices in fitness and food for the rest of her life.  Take a minute to watch her video on another post “Smart Snacking”, and be inspired by her pics of progress below.  🙂 That … Continue reading KIDS GET IT!