We all know it…until we are really READY to make a change…we just aren’t going to really change.  Read this guy’s feedback from his six weeks of GO-EAT! nutrition training and get ready to change! “I know it is a broken record but I really do appreciate all your input and efforts.    I am going to win this or die trying…Thanks for the encouragement.  I have decided that the wine has to go until I can loose the weight.  I am really eating well, thanks to your great suggestions! Have not entered food consumption on Spark People for the … Continue reading TIMING IS EVERYTHING!


If you have never been one to use your big soup pan or crockpot…it’s time you started!  This is one of the easiest ways to make food that will yield many meals, but only takes a few minutes of your time.  The delicious flavor comes from the slow cooking, but the prep time is QUICK & the recipe is FLEXIBLE! PORK SHOULDER BUTT…it’s leaner than you think! Pick up the shoulder that will fit in your crock pot, and add 8 oz. of water, and 8-16 oz. of Scott’s Sauce, made in NC!  Slow cook for 7 hours, and then … Continue reading DELICIOUS FOOD that COOKS ITSELF


It never stops making my day, when a client sees changes in her life that help her Make The Turn! “Melissa, Thanks for all the great information you send.  I have learned so much from you that I didn’t even know I needed to know.  I am continuing with sparkpeople, and continue to plan my meals and snacks. Working with you has truly changed the way I think about, plan, purchase, and prepare food. I feel like I have turned a corner in my nutrition. Thanks so much, T” Continue reading GO-EAT! FOR LIFE!


This bundle-of-energy-gal came to me for GO-EAT! nutrition training, about two months ago, and we had a blast learning together.  When I reviewed her first week’s food journal, I thought “Maybe I should go to her for lessons!  She eats really healthy stuff already!” She started out eating well, and made tweaks and changes to make it great!  I am so proud of her focus and dedication to being healthy and nutritionally sound!  Keep up the great work, Va! Here’s what she had to say, “Melissa is a wealth of knowledge. I hesitated going to see her because I exercise … Continue reading GETting MORE FIT with FOOD!