Sometimes, we make too much of simple tasks. The fact is, life is busy, time is short, and we’re going to head for the fastest solution when push comes to shove. Planning ahead, and making some bulk grains and proteins for your week can be a lifesaver to your nutrition and bottom (line)! Continue reading ONE HOUR IN THE KITCHEN, ONE WEEK ON THE TABLE


Cheesy, chewy, hot, and easy!  Try the ancient grain, Quinoa, for the first time, in an easy recipe for breakfast.  Mix it up the day before, and cook it fresh in the morning for a hot breakfast! This simple and delicious recipe is from a friend, and it turned out great, even when I cut out a few steps to keep it SUPER SIMPLE!  However, the nutrition is still awesome!  1/6th of this pan is only 230 calories, and loaded with 17 gm of protein, and 3gm of fiber.  Add a piece of whole wheat toast and slice of ham … Continue reading EASY QUINOA BREAKFAST BAKE

Steak?! Bring on Amazing!

Start with a thick  Top Sirloin Tip Steak, and marinate it for a couple of days.  No special ingredients are needed for a mouth-watering flavor. Just use:  Worcestershire Sauce, Garlic, Fresh Ground Pepper, Onions (and Montreal Steak Seasoning IF sodium is not an issue). Cover tightly for 2-3 days.  Turn 1-2 times a day for the best flavor.  Grill…add more onions and peppers…DEVOUR! Whatever you don’t eat immediately, portion, freeze, and use for other meals later.  Remember, let the grilled steak thaw in the fridge completely before using later (this will take a day or two), so you don’t accidentally … Continue reading Steak?! Bring on Amazing!