Hamburgers can exceed 800-1,000 calories when you eat them at a restaurant…and “lean” would never describe those belt breakers!  However, you CAN have your delicious burger & eat it too!  Simply changing to lean beef will cut your calories and saturated fat MORE than in half! Mix in great nutrition for both flavor and adhesiveness to your burger & don’t overcook it.  I like to use eggs, ground flax or almond or oat flour, mustard, onions, dry seasonings, salsa, fresh parmesan or asiago cheese, or sriracha.  This time, I used 2 lb. of lean beef, and made 2 separate “flavors”…some … Continue reading LEAN & HAPPY BEEF TIPS


Start with a fresh, crisp salad…end with a cheesy, nutritious pizza…Make your CHEAT meal amazingly nutritious!  If you’re going to eat extra calories, at least make them count! When you are loading up your whole wheat pizza crust (email me for the recipe), pre-cooking it for about ten minutes allows it be fully cooked by the time all of your heavy toppings have heated through. Next, load your pizza with every veggie you have, on top of your pasta sauce.  Today, I used artichoke hearts, purple onion, garlic, red pepper flakes & fresh ground pepper, bacon (this is a vegetable … Continue reading KITCHEN SINK PIZZA